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Faja cinturilla deportiva alta compresion hombre Faja estilo camiseta de hombre Faja deportiva latex 4 Hooks Hombre Man's Thermal T-shirt. T-shirt which controls and shapes the abdomen and waist. It contains an elastic band RUBBERFLEX covering upper abdomen, medium and low. Back design helps control fat deposits on this area.
Faja cinturilla deportiva control especialmente diseñada para moldear , reducir abdomen y eliminar los molestos gorditos de la espalda . Sus resultados son visualmente inmediatos e invisibles bajo la prenda de vestir .

Faja colombiana de hombre especial que ayuda a corregir la postura , reducir medidas y aplanar el abdomen de manera rápida .
Faja de hombre deportiva latex 4 Hooks , diseñada especialmente para entrenamientos deportivos y perder peso mediante la compresion y sudoracion .

Faja estilo camiseta con cubierta interior de latex que reduce , controla y moldea la zona abdominal , pectorales y corrige la postura .
Faja Reductora de Abdomen para Hombre
Faja especial para hombres que reduce y aplana el abdomen . El efecto reductor que tiene esta faja es producido por la compresión fuerte y térmica .

In this time, is more difficult for us to keep a perfect weight. In mens, overweight is usually accumulates in the abdomen and is very hard to lose it. A Men Shapewear or reducing shirt for men play a special role eliminating and reduce the problem of excess weight in the abdomen.

The girdles are made not only for women but for all men that they want to control the abdomen. When you get a Mens compression shirt for the first time you will feel some pressure but after a few days you never want to remove it because not only you will see changes but those around you noticing a change in your figure and posture.

These Men compression garments are made of Powernet and Latex, you can choose depending on the intended function: Latex Men girdles remove excess of weight in the abdominal area through the compression and heat. T-shirts compression or Powernet girdles for men shape abdomen and chest, visually slimming.

The Mens shaper are specially designed to be invisible under any clothes and very comfortable to use. The shirts are made with special seams that correct your back posture and keep keep it straight.

If you want a special Shaper for man and not in this categorie, contact us and tell us the features that you are looking for in a special girdle for men, one of our representatives will call or send an email showing new options in Shapewear for men. Choose from a variety of models and brands of different color, get one or two to using during the week. Use a Compression Shirt for Men today and see for your self the difference!